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Rainy Days and Birthdays Don’t Always Get Us Down

Today was Cheryl’s Birthday. The big 5-O (or 5-OMG as she likes to joke) She plans on marking this milestone next week on October 26th by running 26.2 miles in the Marine Corps Marathon for Team Running Strong for Indian Youth which is also commemorating Running Strong spokesperson, Billy Mill’s 50th! anniversary of his winning Gold in the […]

Running to Plymouth Rock

Today Chuck and I ‘killed two birds with one stone’ so-to-speak by seeing Plymouth, Massachusetts (home of the infamous Plymouth Rock) while participating in the Run to the Rock Half Marathon. It seemed like a perfect fit for several reasons: We were in the vicinity, we wanted to see Plymouth Rock, I needed to do a long […]

On Top of Crazy Horse Mountain

Today we stood on the arm of Crazy Horse Mountain in Custer, SD. Our guide was Tom Wilson who works at the Crazy Horse Memorial. He was a joy to talk and spend time with, as is everyone we’ve ever met while visiting the site of the largest mountain carving in the world, begun by […]

Two Year Anniversary

Wow, how time flies! Another year has come and gone for us as Fulltime RVers and today we celebrated our SECOND year on the road in Paradise. You don’t believe us? Just check out the photo below: In this case, Paradise is located at an altitude of 5,420 feet in Mount Rainier National Park just […]

Hurricane Ridge

Today we drove up to Olympic National Park and even saw the sun for awhile. We went up to Hurricane Ridge and watched a small herd of deer grazing close by. We had a picnic at 5,242 ft almost a mile high. After our picnic on the summit we drove down to Port Angeles and […]

The Wildcat in Hoodsport, Washington - with Hoodsport Canal in view

Hoodsport, WA

We arrived today in Hoodsport, Washington, a beautiful little (really little) town in Washington State that sits on the Hood Canal, a 600 foot deep fjord that is home to the giant Pacific Octopus and renowned Hoodsport shrimp and some of the best oysters in the country. Wow. We didn’t know that until we got […]

Riding THROUGH Trees

Today, I rode my bike through a Tree. Yeah, it’s hard to believe you can ride a bike through a living tree. What is truly amazing is I drove our pick-up through this same tree, a few months ago. Driving through the California Redwoods is just something you can’t explain; you have to do it […]

Las Vegas Desert to California Sierras

We are currently camping at Park of the Sierras, an SKP (Escapees) Coop RV Park. We arrived around 7 pm after a long day’s drive from Las Vegas and will be dry camping tonight and checking in for full hookups tomorrow. With arriving so late, we haven’t had a chance to see much of the park […]

Cycling Death Valley National Park to Badwater

Yesterday I rode into Death Valley. It was one of my hardest rides. It was mostly down hill but the wind was terrible. I can’t ever remember pedaling so I could go down hill! That is how strong the wind was. It was also 84 degrees but cloud cover helped me from over heating. At […]