The Cute Canine



I am a Yorkie-Poo (that’s a Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier Mix) and yes, I was planned that way. I was a ‘designer dog’ before it was chic as I am eighteen-years-old now and Yorkie-Poos weren’t heard of way back then.

I am a very intelligent and sensitive pup. I have a very good memory and enjoy meeting new people (dogs, not so much).  I love to travel and smell and explore new places, so I’m a happy dog on the road with my Mom and Dad. Except when they leave me alone — then again, not so much. But good for me — they don’t leave me behind too often! I have them well trained, don’t I?


Name: Chiisai Tenshi No Kage, which means ‘Shadow of Little Angel’ in Japanese, but everyone just calls me Shadow – it’s easier, you know?

Age: 18+ (That’s something like 88 in dog years! Whew!)

Sex: Female

Education: Obedience School and Agility Training

Hobbies: In my younger days – chasing squirrels and cats. Now, mostly playing with my toys and napping.

Favorite toy: Anything that squeaks

Accomplishment I’m Proud Of: My role in the play, Wife Begins at Forty, for the Art Center of Citrus County Theater. I stole the show!

You can read more about me and my sister HERE. And for some great pictures of us both, you can go to our PHOTO ALBUM. And definitely check out MY BLOG POSTS RSS feed for my take on what life is like being a Full-Time RV Dog.

Happy Tails! paw-print

Note from Mom & Dad:

Shadow passed away on May 12, 2014, while camping in St. Marys, GA. Over 18 years old, she lived a very long and adventurous life, doing and seeing things many people never will, and touching lives everywhere she went. Our lives and travels will not be the same without her. If you’ve ever loved and lost a dog, you know the pain in our hearts. If not, there’s no way you we could ever put it into words. Rest in Peace, little Shadow. We love and miss you so much.