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Riding THROUGH Trees

Today, I rode my bike through a Tree. Yeah, it’s hard to believe you can ride a bike through a living tree. What is truly amazing is I drove our pick-up through this same tree, a few months ago. Driving through the California Redwoods is just something you can’t explain; you have to do it […]

Las Vegas Desert to California Sierras

We are currently camping at Park of the Sierras, an SKP (Escapees) Coop RV Park. We arrived around 7 pm after a long day’s drive from Las Vegas and will be dry camping tonight and checking in for full hookups tomorrow. With arriving so late, we haven’t had a chance to see much of the park […]

Cycling Death Valley National Park to Badwater

Yesterday I rode into Death Valley. It was one of my hardest rides. It was mostly down hill but the wind was terrible. I can’t ever remember pedaling so I could go down hill! That is how strong the wind was. It was also 84 degrees but cloud cover helped me from over heating. At […]

Bath and a Haircut – Again!?

Hi, Shadow here again to talk about another day as a RVing Pup. And today, once again, I was woken up early in the morning to take another drive. Once again, I was fooled into thinking we were going on another adventure, only to be dropped off at the local groomer for another bath and […]

Seabreeze & Queen Mary

We are presently camped at Seabreeze RV Resort at the Navy Base in Seal Beach, CA. We use the term ‘Resort’ loosely. It’s a nice campground, to be sure, but we think too many campgrounds try to make them sound better by using the word Resort in the name. To us, it’s not a resort unless there […]

Earthquake at the Center of the World

Today we decided to visit “The Official Center of the World” located in Felicty, CA which is just about an hour’s drive from El Centro, where we’re currently camped. As you drive along I-8 East towards Yuma, AZ, it is just off the highway very near the border. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the place […]

MCRD San Diego 50 years later

We drove to MCRD yesterday from El Centro, where we are staying. 50 years ago when I went through the main gate I thought I went to Hell, but I was in Marine Corps Boot Camp. Only a few minutes after arriving I was standing on yellow foot prints painted on the deck. The next […]

The Kiss

We had a really nice day today visiting San Diego, CA. We started with a two hour drive from El Centro through some interesting terrain on Interstate 8. As many times as Chuck and I (before we met, and then together) drove back and forth between our home base in California and my family in […]

Chuck contemplates a year on the road

On 15 Aug 2008 we departed FL to begin our Full-Time RV experience on the road. After 19,000+ miles we have finally reached the Pacific Ocean (we took some short cuts on the way ). Shadow celebrated our 1st anniversary on the road by playing in the Pacific Ocean (see her post below) and we all visited […]

On the Beach in Klamath, CA

I just love the sand and the beach. This time, I guess I was a little too relaxed and got a bit of a surprise. Why didn’t Mom and Dad warn me? I think they thought it was a bit too funny: Happy Tails!