Cycling Death Valley National Park to Badwater

RV and Bike - Perfect combination

Yesterday I rode into Death Valley. It was one of my hardest rides. It was mostly down hill but the wind was terrible. I can’t ever remember pedaling so I could go down hill! That is how strong the wind was. It was also 84 degrees but cloud cover helped me from over heating. At 26 miles I bonked and had to call Cheryl on the radio (we carry 2-way radios). My legs just couldn’t push the pedals down anymore,┬ábut after a banana and cool water and some truck AC that Cheryl brought me, I got back on the bike and finished my ride to Badwater (lowest point in the US). How could I quit after 26 miles and only 3 more miles to go? My sexy legs still feel like rubber, but I finished the ride (only 29 miles).

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  1. […] has used this phrase a lot on this trip, but the first time he said it was back in 2009 when he rode his bike from the entrance to Death Valley National Park down to Badwater (the lowest point in the U.S.) when we were traveling as full-time RVers. If you click the link and […]