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Our Shadow (September 2, 1995 – May 12, 2014)

Yesterday our little girl, Shadow, woke-up just long enough to tell us she was happy, but tired. It was time for her to go to the Rainbow Bridge, she wanted to find her sister, Chiisai. She closed her eyes and followed by an ocean of tears from us, she was on her way. This morning, there […]

Artist Paints Shadow

During a recent get-together of Chuck’s high school classmates, fellow NHS graduate, Art Faschan graciously offered to create a portrait of our girl, Shadow. Art is a premier artist who specializes in graphite painting. If you don’t know what that is, or have never seen a graphite painting, check out Art’s site, His work […]

Shadow Enters Pet Idol Contest

Hey, everyone! As you can tell from all the pictures Mom and Dad take of me and post here on our website and at Chippewa Marine Photography, I’m a photogenic little pup. I love to be the center of attention and have no problem playing dress-up. Now I’ve found an even better way of showing […]


Sweet Sixteen

We just wanted to share Shadow’s 16th Birthday with everyone. She has given us so much pleasure and so many unforgettable moments in our lives. It’s hard to believe Shadow came to us sixteen-years ago as the tiny little two-and-a-half pound, eight-week old fuzz-ball you can see here. She’s still a cutie! Cheryl baked Shadow […]

Music Video for Dogs

Shadow LIKES this video: Happy Tails!

A Patriotic Shadow Puppy 2011

Happy 4th of July

The ‘Dog Days of Summer’ are definitely here in Florida and in many other places around the U.S. this July. With all the heat and the loud noises that come with the July 4th holiday, I thought it would be a good time to remind our RVing companions that we dogs see the Fourth a […]

I’m 105 Years Old!

Can you believe it?! I turned 15 years old today! I’ve been told that’s equivalent to 105 ‘dog years’. I don’t know who came up with that, because I certainly don’t feel 105 years old. And as far as looks go, whenever I’m out and about with my mom and dad, and someone asks them […]

Cheryl’s Rant of the Day to Dog Owners

Obviously, we’re dog owners, so why would I rant about dog owners, you might ask? Here’s why: This morning when I took our Shadow out for a walk, what did I find at the base of her ramp (Shadow has a ramp to help her get up into our rig. It’s a big jump for a […]

Dog + Yoga = Doga

I can dig it. Until next time, Happy Tails!

Bath and a Haircut – Again!?

Hi, Shadow here again to talk about another day as a RVing Pup. And today, once again, I was woken up early in the morning to take another drive. Once again, I was fooled into thinking we were going on another adventure, only to be dropped off at the local groomer for another bath and […]