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Running to Plymouth Rock

Today Chuck and I ‘killed two birds with one stone’ so-to-speak by seeing Plymouth, Massachusetts (home of the infamous Plymouth Rock) while participating in the Run to the Rock Half Marathon. It seemed like a perfect fit for several reasons: We were in the vicinity, we wanted to see Plymouth Rock, I needed to do a long […]

London Bridge

We stopped by the London Bridge in Lake Havasu, on the way from Pahrump to Yuma. It was rainy and cool, but a nice pause in our trip south. The weather experience made it really feel like we were in England. We thought of our friends Colin and Evelyn, back in Inverness, FL, who are […]

Earthquake at the Center of the World

Today we decided to visit “The Official Center of the World” located in Felicty, CA which is just about an hour’s drive from El Centro, where we’re currently camped. As you drive along I-8 East towards Yuma, AZ, it is just off the highway very near the border. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the place […]

The Kiss

We had a really nice day today visiting San Diego, CA. We started with a two hour drive from El Centro through some interesting terrain on Interstate 8. As many times as Chuck and I (before we met, and then together) drove back and forth between our home base in California and my family in […]

First Year on the Road Today!

Today marked our 1st year on the road. We departed our home in FL on 15 Aug 2008 and celebrated our 365th day on the road here in Klamath, CA. Man, did this year go by fast! Cheryl is working on a small slide show just to show a fraction of some of the places […]

The Shoe Tree, Reno, Virginia City, and more

We are in Fallon, NV at the NAS. We came here to catch up on our blog, post some photos, and rest, but we really haven’t accomplished a lot, except take more pics and seeing a lot more. Cheryl did run a 5K on base and I did get my 100 miles in on the […]

The Shoe Tree

Today we took a little side trip from Fallon, NV via Highway 50, better known as “The Loneliest Road in America“, to a little spot about 50 miles east and near Middlegate, NV. This is the site of “The Shoe Tree” which we first spotted by happenstance back in 2003 when traveling by RV for […]

The Loneliest Road in America

Moab, UT to Reno, NV June 2, 2003 We took Highway 50 all the way across Nevada today. We started in Moab, Utah, which is basically desert. Most of the rest of the drive across Utah and Nevada was mountainous but no inhabitants we could see except towns listed on the map (about four). West […]