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Watching TV On The Road

Recently I read a blog post at Gypsy Journal discussing which was better – Dish or Direct TV – for watching television while traveling as a full-time RVer. It got me thinking about what we do, and why, so I decided to blog about it here. For our television viewing on the road, we use […]

Coffee, Donuts, & Seminars!

Today was the first full day of the Western Gypsy Gathering Rally we’re attending in Yuma. It began at 7:30 am with Coffee & Donuts provided by one of the vendors. Behind-the-scenes, it really began at 6:15 am for Miss Terry, who got up early to start the coffee pots perking and get things organized. […]

Day 2 on the road – Propane Leaks and Early Mornings

Eufaula, AL at Lakepoint State Park What a great day! First off, the propane leak detector was silent tonight. Yay! That tells us we do not have any propane leaks or defective detector. It also let us get a decent night sleep – the first in two days. I woke up to light outside the […]

Our first ‘official’ day on the road as traveling Full-Timers

DAY 1 Summerfield, FL to Eufaula, AL Today was a travel day. After last night’s 4am wake-up from the Propane Gas detector yet again (we were up about an hour this time trying to figure out why it was going off, then waiting for the detector to stop alerting by opening ALL the windows in […]