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Two Year Anniversary

Wow, how time flies! Another year has come and gone for us as Fulltime RVers and today we celebrated our SECOND year on the road in Paradise. You don’t believe us? Just check out the photo below: In this case, Paradise is located at an altitude of 5,420 feet in Mount Rainier National Park just […]

Las Vegas Desert to California Sierras

We are currently camping at Park of the Sierras, an SKP (Escapees) Coop RV Park. We arrived around 7 pm after a long day’s drive from Las Vegas and will be dry camping tonight and checking in for full hookups tomorrow. With arriving so late, we haven’t had a chance to see much of the park […]

Viva Las Vegas – Didn’t We Do That Already?

We’re back in Las Vegas, NV today, once again staying at the Desert Eagle RV Park run by Nellis AFB. Our plans are to stay here for at least a week to get some things done; like the yearly taxes :-|, a grooming appointment for Shadow, and perhaps check out some sites we missed the […]

Desert Vistas from Brown to Green

We finally decided on a loose itinerary for where we’re going for the next few months, so we left Cocopah Casino’s parking lot “B” yesterday and headed back the way we last came to Yuma, via Hwy 95 along the Colorado River that serves as the East and West boundaries between California and Arizona, respectively. […]

Where are we… going?

We are currently residing at the Cocopah Casino parking lot for the next three days while we figure out where we’re headed next. As we’ve mentioned before, Cocopah Casino is a great place to stop overnight, or for several days. They charge $5 for each 3 day period, and you can stay pretty much indefinitely […]

Seabreeze & Queen Mary

We are presently camped at Seabreeze RV Resort at the Navy Base in Seal Beach, CA. We use the term ‘Resort’ loosely. It’s a nice campground, to be sure, but we think too many campgrounds try to make them sound better by using the word Resort in the name. To us, it’s not a resort unless there […]

NAF El Centro

We are currently staying at the Desert Oasis RV Park at NAF El Centro (the Navy’s Blue Angels winter training grounds) in El Centro, CA. So far everyone is super friendly and it is a nice change from Las Vegas – in that the temperatures are in the warm 70s during the day and relatively warm […]

Where in the world is McChord AFB?

We’re currently staying at McChord AFB’s Holiday Fam-Camp, located in the Tacoma-Seattle area of Washington State. Thought you might enjoy a couple of “Then and Now” pictures of the base:

The Shoe Tree

Today we took a little side trip from Fallon, NV via Highway 50, better known as “The Loneliest Road in America“, to a little spot about 50 miles east and near Middlegate, NV. This is the site of “The Shoe Tree” which we first spotted by happenstance back in 2003 when traveling by RV for […]

Arriving in Fallon, NV

Currently we are in Fallon, NV – specifically Fallon Naval Air Station – and have plans to stay for about 2 weeks. Fallon is high desert (about 4,000’) and is warmer, dryer, and has less vegetation than we’ve had in the past month. It also doesn’t have much in the way of ‘tourist attractions’, though […]