Rainy Days and Birthdays Don’t Always Get Us Down

Today was Cheryl’s Birthday. The big 5-O (or 5-OMG as she likes to joke) ;-) She plans on marking this milestone next week on October 26th by running 26.2 miles in the Marine Corps Marathon for Team Running Strong for Indian Youth which is also commemorating Running Strong spokesperson, Billy Mill’s 50th! anniversary of his winning Gold in the 10,000 meters at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. If you haven’t already read why Cheryl’s running again, please check out her Team Running Strong page.

Storm clouds approaching

Storm clouds approaching

But for today, due to some very rainy, windy, stormy weather, we had a much less physical kind of celebration of Cheryl’s birthday by going out to a restaurant and a movie (Gone Girl – which we both really enjoyed and highly recommend!) and letting Cheryl shop till she dropped. Not really, but she did get a chance to browse without any nagging from her dear husband. ;-)


Chuck hamming it up

The day wasn’t a complete wash weather-wise, however. By late afternoon the skies started to clear and a beautiful rainbow appeared. It had to be the brightest and biggest rainbow we’ve seen in a long time.

Cheryl at the end of the rainbow

Cheryl at the end of the rainbow

All of the colors of the rainbow were clearly distinguishable, and a second rainbow also appeared above the first. We had a hard time photographing the entire sight, and weren’t in the best location for photography when it appeared (darn power lines and traffic lights!), but we still jumped out of the truck and took time to enjoy nature’s show.

Cheryl said it was a really great way to top off a birthday, like the best kind of icing on a cake.

We ended the day with some coffee and huge cupcakes at a nice little establishment in Hanover, PA called The Broken Cookie. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we plan to go back into Gettysburg for some more sightseeing.

Thank goodness for the panorama app on Chuck’s smartphone! We managed to get a stitched together view of the entire rainbow after all:

double rainbow

Double Rainbow in Hanover PA

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