Hoodsport, WA

We arrived today in Hoodsport, Washington, a beautiful little (really little) town in Washington State that sits on the Hood Canal, a 600 foot deep fjord that is home to the giant Pacific Octopus and renowned Hoodsport shrimp and some of the best oysters in the country. Wow. We didn’t know that until we got here.

The Wildcat in Hoodsport, Washington - with Hoodsport Canal in view

Right now we plan to stay for the summer. The view from where our RV is parked is wonderful and we’re just miles from Olympic National Park. We think there should be plenty to do here in addition to our workamping duties (more on that later). So far, it’s still raining and this is a very wet place normally, so we’re hoping for the drier weather the summer is supposed to have. What locals call “dry” here may be what we’d consider very “wet” elsewhere, so we’ll see.

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