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Running to Plymouth Rock

Today Chuck and I ‘killed two birds with one stone’ so-to-speak by seeing Plymouth, Massachusetts (home of the infamous Plymouth Rock) while participating in the Run to the Rock Half Marathon. It seemed like a perfect fit for several reasons: We were in the vicinity, we wanted to see Plymouth Rock, I needed to do a long […]

I Finished!

I finished! Yay for that. Unfortunately, if anyone has seen my times on the Marine Corps Marathon site (and the pictures of me running which are awful!) you will have thought to yourself how SLOW can she go?! ;-P However, considering the injury I was dealing with for about the last four weeks, I’m satisfied […]

Billy Mills – 1964 Olympics – Video Clips

Short version – B&W: Longer version – Color:

Running Brave – Video Clip

Today Chuck and I watched Running Brave – the movie made about Billy Mills back in 1983 with Robby Benson. Wow. We had seen it before many years ago, but had forgotten most of it. How inspiring and interesting it was! Lots of motivation to keep running and training for the MCM. I highly recommend […]

Team Running Strong & The Marine Corps Marathon

Yes, I am running the Marine Corps Marathon! No, I am not insane. Yes, it is for a good cause! No, I have never run a marathon before. Yes, you can come watch me race! No, you cannot throw things at me as I run past… Hi! I am a Marine attempting her First Marathon […]