Happy 4th of July

The ‘Dog Days of Summer’ are definitely here in Florida and in many other places around the U.S. this July. With all the heat and the loud noises that come with the July 4th holiday, I thought it would be a good time to remind our RVing companions that we dogs see the Fourth a bit differently than they do. Please read the following

courtesy of camping.com

and to all my fellow RVing dogs, stay cool out there and enjoy the holiday.

Until next time, Happy Tails!

A Patriotic Shadow Puppy 2011

“Because many dogs are terrified by the sound of fireworks, it’s best to limit your doggie activities to the daylight hours. Be sure to give your pet plenty of water and, if the day is warm, seek out shady spots where your pup can cool down.

Before night falls, take a minute to plan the evening from your dog’s perspective. Every dog responds differently to fireworks, so it’s important to know how your own dog is likely to react. Some high-strung dogs are so badly frightened by the booming sounds that they’re better off taking a tranquilizer before the fireworks start. Consult your veterinarian – or a local vet if you’re traveling – for advice. The vet may suggest that you create a snug hiding place for your dog or park your RV as far away from the fireworks as possible.

No matter what you have planned for this July 4th, your dog would certainly like to be involved. Whether it’s a hike, a lake-side picnic, a family reunion, or a parade, plan a way for your dog to come along and make it a happy holiday for everyone. Even dogs like to celebrate the Grand Old Fourth!”

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