Sweet Sixteen

Shadow at 8 weeks old

We just wanted to share Shadow’s 16th Birthday with everyone.

She has given us so much pleasure and so many unforgettable moments in our lives.

It’s hard to believe Shadow came to us sixteen-years ago as the tiny little two-and-a-half pound, eight-week old fuzz-ball you can see here. She’s still a cutie!

Cheryl baked Shadow her favorite cookies (chicken liver) and a little ice cream and cake, but she isn’t spoiled.

You can tell from the photos below that she enjoyed her special birthday treats. We expected a very upset tummy after all that good stuff, but she had no problems at all and spent the rest of the day playing with her stuffed toy duck, going for a few short walks, and taking a nap or two. Wish I was a dog! ;-)

Happy Birthday, Shadow!

9/2/2011 Shadow turns 16!

Whipped Cream & Chicken Liver! My favorite!

Ice cream too? Alright!

Are we done with the pictures? I want to EAT!

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