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Viva Las Vegas – Didn’t We Do That Already?

We’re back in Las Vegas, NV today, once again staying at the Desert Eagle RV Park run by Nellis AFB. Our plans are to stay here for at least a week to get some things done; like the yearly taxes :-|, a grooming appointment for Shadow, and perhaps check out some sites we missed the […]

Mystère Cirque du Soleil

We just came back from seeing Mystère at Treasure Island, courtesy of Shadow winning Best Dressed Pet at The Great Santa Run last Saturday. THANK YOU, Shadow! What a great kid we have to give us such a great Christmas present. We felt so bad having to leave her alone at home to enjoy it. […]

Best Dressed Pooch in a Sea of Santas

Today Mom, Dad, and I participated in the big Las Vegas Santa Run here in Las Vegas, to benefit Opportunity Village. Over 7,00 people signed up to run/walk today, everyone dressed in Santa suits – including some of my fellow dogs! It was weird, I tell you. Why would humans want to dress themselves, much […]

Thank you, Veterans

We celebrated Veteran’s Day this year here in Las Vegas with a very ‘Las Vegas’ thing to do – we went to a Casino! We’re not really into gambling (especially playing the slot machines which seems quite mindless and a waste of time to us) but we had to go to Silverton Casino today as […]

Outrunning the weather

We are currently staying at the Desert Eagle Fam-Camp at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV. So far the weather is great! It’s nice to have temps in the 70s and 80s again. We just missed the snow in Salt Lake City, Utah by a couple of days. Boy, we were cutting it close! Thunderbirds […]

The Shoe Tree, Reno, Virginia City, and more

We are in Fallon, NV at the NAS. We came here to catch up on our blog, post some photos, and rest, but we really haven’t accomplished a lot, except take more pics and seeing a lot more. Cheryl did run a 5K on base and I did get my 100 miles in on the […]

The Shoe Tree

Today we took a little side trip from Fallon, NV via Highway 50, better known as “The Loneliest Road in America“, to a little spot about 50 miles east and near Middlegate, NV. This is the site of “The Shoe Tree” which we first spotted by happenstance back in 2003 when traveling by RV for […]

Poker Run

Today Chuck, Shadow, and I went on a Bicycle Poker Run in Fallon, NV. Shadow and I rode 12 miles before stopping as the temperatures were just too hot for her. The weather here in Fallon has been in the high 90s for the past week, and will continue for the next. Chuck continued and […]

Hail? Yes!

“I think that’s hail!” Chuck said as he jumped out of bed around 11:30 tonight. I was still on the couch, enjoying watching television for the first time in about a month (“Fight Club” was the movie on my screen at the time) and just thought we were getting some really heavy rain with some […]

Arriving in Fallon, NV

Currently we are in Fallon, NV – specifically Fallon Naval Air Station – and have plans to stay for about 2 weeks. Fallon is high desert (about 4,000’) and is warmer, dryer, and has less vegetation than we’ve had in the past month. It also doesn’t have much in the way of ‘tourist attractions’, though […]