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Desert Vistas from Brown to Green

We finally decided on a loose itinerary for where we’re going for the next few months, so we left Cocopah Casino’s parking lot “B” yesterday and headed back the way we last came to Yuma, via Hwy 95 along the Colorado River that serves as the East and West boundaries between California and Arizona, respectively. […]

Parker, AZ on Lake Havasu

Where are we now? We’re currently in Parker, AZ on Lake Havasu. The lake and rocky hills with their rich black and red rock covered with patches of bright green plants are a nice change from Yuma’s flat, brown, and sand terrain. We have plans for 3 days, maybe more.

Where are we… going?

We are currently residing at the Cocopah Casino parking lot for the next three days while we figure out where we’re headed next. As we’ve mentioned before, Cocopah Casino is a great place to stop overnight, or for several days. They charge $5 for each 3 day period, and you can stay pretty much indefinitely […]

Coffee, Donuts, & Seminars!

Today was the first full day of the Western Gypsy Gathering Rally we’re attending in Yuma. It began at 7:30 am with Coffee & Donuts provided by one of the vendors. Behind-the-scenes, it really began at 6:15 am for Miss Terry, who got up early to start the coffee pots perking and get things organized. […]

Yuma, AZ – Part Deux

Once again we are back in Yuma, Arizona. Why? Well, the first reason is that it’s about the warmest place in the USA right now (an obvious reason why Yuma is a prime destination for RVers and Snowbirds this time of year) and it’s also where the¬†Fourth Annual¬†Western Gypsy Gathering Rally is being held this […]

London Bridge

We stopped by the London Bridge in Lake Havasu, on the way from Pahrump to Yuma. It was rainy and cool, but a nice pause in our trip south. The weather experience made it really feel like we were in England. We thought of our friends Colin and Evelyn, back in Inverness, FL, who are […]

Tucson Indian Center Bike Ride

As part of Tucson’s Clean Air Days and Bike Festival 2009 month long festivities, the Tucson Indian Center sponsored a community bike ride Saturday. The ride was along Santa Cruz River. It has been awhile since we did a ride together and it really felt great. We got two t-shirts to celebrate the ride. We […]

Happy Easter

Just a note from Chuck, Shadow, and me to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Today we’re going to take a ride out to Saguaro National Park (East & West) to check out the cactus and Saguaro blooms. We’ve started to see buds on the Saguaros on base in the past couple of days, […]

Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson,AZ

Just a note to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Yesterday we went to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, AZ. If you ever get out this way this is one place you have to see in person. First, they actually let dogs in to see history too. How great is that? […]

Tucson, Arizona

We are currently in the Overflow Parking area of Agave Gulch FamCamp at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. It’s quite a nice area, actually. There are over 100 sites in the overflow, and each one is like an actual RV site, just no hookups. We’ve been told we’re number one on the list for a […]